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Current version of OperaView is 0.7.

Go to the Installation page to install it.

Go to the History page for release notes.

What is OperaView?

OperaView is an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Flock which is very similar (and actually based on) IE View.

Even if you are using Mozilla browser all the time, sometimes you need to view the page you are looking at in Opera browser (especially if you are a web developer). OperaView makes that process easier by adding the item View This Page in Opera to the page context menu, the item Open Link Target in Opera to the link context menu and a button to the toolbar. If you want to open a page in Opera quickly, just right click somewhere on the page and choose new menu item.

OperaView works fine under Windows and under Linux (where would be necessary to manualy type path to Opera browser).

What's new in version 0.7?

  • Compatibility with Firefox 3.5.* (see bug 21293)
  • Compatibility with Flock 2.*
  • Fixed bug which prevents opening a page after first run
  • Fixed bug with toolbar icon turning grey
  • Abillity to open about:blank page in Opera
  • Dropped support for Mozilla Suite and Netscape 8
  • Belarusian locales added (thanks to Andrew O. Shadoura!)
  • Bulgarian locales added (thanks to arris!)
  • Catalan locales added (thanks to ellibre!)
  • Danish locales added (thanks to AlleyKat!)
  • Finnish locales added (thanks to mikkis!)
  • Greek locales added
  • Hebrew locales added (thanks to Yaron!)
  • Malay (Malaysia) locales added (thanks to limap5!)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) locales added (thanks to lloco!)
  • Serbian (Serbia) locales added (thanks to DakSrbija!)
  • Swedish locales added
  • Turkish locales added
  • Ukrainian locales added (thanks to MozUA!)